Island Sweet Skunk Strain


The Island Sweet Skunk from Next Generation Seeds is a classic. Much more pungent and thick smoking than your average Skunk, and alot better producing too. Perfect for sea of green growers. Don’t grow it with too many main tops indoors, likes to grow as a single cola but will branch a lot if topped. Outdoors in Southern California or Spanish coastal type climates they get huge and can yield many pounds per plant. It’s the ultimate in Sweet Sativa’s that produce big, really big,, with no compromise on quality.

The sweet, spicy taste of the ISS is amazing and very special. It fills your lungs and expands rapidly, tingling the sinuse and reddening the eyes. The high is intense and very sedating. Keep these buds in a smell proof place, its one of the strongest smelling and heaviest hitting strains in the Next Generation arsenal. A pleasure to grow and smoke.

Island Sweet Skunk Strain
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